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Alchemy Consulting Group is a concierge behavioral health provider specializing in Alchemy Adaptive Intervention Model® and comprehensive care management services for individuals, families, and companies affected by substance abuse and/or mental health disorders. Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes a collaborative approach throughout all levels of care, drawing from many years of experience and established relationships with top providers in the field.


Interventions are the core of our mission. We provide families, friends & coworkers with assistance in getting their loved one the help they need for mental health, substance abuse, process addiction and/or eating disorders.

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How Do I Know If My Loved One Needs Help?

Alchemy Consulting understands the unique and sensitive nature of mental illness and substance abuse. We also understand that these issues can be hard to detect in some cases, which is why we created a simple quiz to help you and your family know if your loved one needs help for mental illness and/or substance abuse issues.

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Not only do we offer intervention services; we also provide care management services & recovery companions to ensure your loved one gets the best care possible after residential treatment. These additional services maintain congruency of aftercare and support to help get your loved one a foundation for a life long recovery.


Care Mangement is the collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, and care coordination to meet the needs of the patient and family for long-term success.


Recovery Companions are available for transportation, returning home from treatment programs, or for extra support in daily life.

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