5 Clear Signs it’s Time for Rehab

Addicts are an all-or-nothing kind of group. We are usually highly intelligent, charismatic and capable of creative and intuitive solutions in order to maintain a habit. Even the high-functioning addict will eventually reach the same point that all addicts face, and those with a high amount of confidence in their own abilities are likely to struggle the longest. There are a few telltale signs that indicate a desperate need for a change in an addict’s life.

5. No Money
Do you usually find yourself out of money, with none saved up for the future? If this isn’t a blaring indication that life is not working out the way you have planned then maybe you should take a moment to recall any goals or aspirations you may have had before your chronic drug use.

4. Poor Relationships with Others
Where have all your friends gone? Do you have any friends who don’t use drugs? Have you burned some or all of your bridges? Are you on speaking terms with your family members? Those who are close to an addict often reach a point where the stress of having them in their lives is no longer bearable. Rehab is the first step in mending these relationships.

3. Trouble with the Law
Many who go to extreme lengths to maintain their addiction may find that they are no stranger to the criminal justice system. While our already overcrowded prison system sticks most minor offenders with fines and community service, the real damage being done is permanent. These offenses are on your record for the rest of your life, and will be visible to every potential employer who decides to run a background check on you.

2. Withdrawals
Many addicts who plan ahead and are careful about their actions can go entire years without running out of their favorite substance, but eventually luck runs out for everyone. The results can be variable but none of them are enjoyable. Those addicted to alcohol and benzodiazepines can have fatal symptoms from withdrawals, while the withdrawals from opiates may not kill you, but many who have had them wished it had.

1. Quality of Life
Are you actually enjoying life to its fullest? Many addicts aren’t sure of an afterlife, and if this was the one life you were given, would you want to spend it as a slave to a short lived chemical high? It’s a difficult question to contemplate in the grips of an addiction but still an important one. How long will you allow the short term joy to sabotage your efforts of living a healthy, happy and productive life? Many find their lives cut tragically short from their addiction, but those who are still alive always have a choice…

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