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Alchemy Consulting Group is a concierge behavioral health provider specializing in adaptive intervention models® and comprehensive care management services for individuals, families, and companies affected by substance use and/or mental health disorders. Our dedicated team of professionals utilizes a collaborative approach throughout all levels of care, drawing from many years of experience and established relationships with top providers in the field.


  • We are incredibly grateful for all that you have done for Nathan and our family. I also want you to know how much I value our friendship. We are always happy to talk on the phone and provide a reference and/or share our story with another family.

  • In our darkest moment as a family, somebody recommended Danny Smith and Alchemy Consulting. This was the turning point in our struggle to help our son. Danny helped get our son into the right treatment facility. He coached our family throughout the process, and he remained a resource for our son as he went back to college and moved his life forward. We will forever be grateful to Danny.

  • Danny Smith and his team are exceptionally talented professionals. From the intervention they did to get our son into treatment, to helping us navigate treatment, to the work creating healthier family dynamics, Danny has been a coach, a friend, and an incredible resource. Nobody is more talented or more committed to individuals and families who need help with treatment.

  • The team at Alchemy Consulting are seasoned professionals who bring decades of experience helping individuals and families find the help and resources they need to get their life back on track. At every step of the process, they knew what to do and where to turn to find the resources our son needed and that we needed as a family. Our son has come a long way. I will forever be grateful to the support they provided to our family

  • Navigating treatment can be hard, complicated and scary. The stakes are high. And it is hard to know who to trust. We had tried so many different programs and approaches with very little success. Danny and his team at Alchemy helped us to get it right. The experience, knowledge, and networks they bring are invaluable. I would gladly recommend them to any individual who needs treatment and/or any family that is trying to help a family member who needs treatment.

  • Danny and Barrett are seasoned professionals who you can trust. They bring decades of experience and a wealth of resources. Once they are part of your team, they will stick with you through just about anything.

  • Danny continued to check in on Ryan’s progress while he was in rehab.  90 Days into his 6 month program Danny made a surprise visit to Ryan to see how he was doing.  This made me realize Danny truly cares about those he helps.  Ryan and Danny had a good visit, completely different from their initial meeting 3 months before.  Danny has continued to stay in touch with our family, celebrating sober birthdays, and milestones over the last 6 years. Ryan will soon be 26 years old, and is a confident, hard-working son any parent would be proud to have. To think our story started with a scared mom making a phone call while in a state of despair. I’m forever grateful that the person on the other end of that phone call was Danny!

  • I am diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, bipolar I type.  In early 2016, I suffered a severe manic episode that caused me to lose touch with all reality and suffer paranoid delusions.  During that time, I disappeared several times to the extent that law enforcement issued multiple missing person APB's to try to locate me.  I was eventually incarcerated for my erratic behavior.  For these reasons, among others I do not wish to disclose, I hit rock bottom.  Upon being released from custody, due to my psychosis, I refused to comply with my family's request to enter a treatment facility.  Thankfully, my family retained Alchemy Consulting to intervene.
    Not only did Alchemy Consulting assist with the efforts to locate me, but they succeeded in convincing me to seek treatment.  During my treatment, Danny Smith stepped in and filled the same role a sponsor would to a person suffering from addiction.  He supported my recovery and advised me on how to achieve and sustain well-being.
    After my treatment ended, Alchemy Consulting continued to support my recovery.  Danny worked closely with me and my family to implement an action plan in case my disability resurfaced.  He also continued to fill his role as a mentor, spending time with me on a weekly basis to check in, ensure I was heeding my doctors' orders, and, most importantly, just listen.  Thankfully in part to the efforts of Danny and Alchemy Consulting, I was successfully rehabilitated and, almost four years later, have had no further issues or symptoms.
    I owe a great deal to Alchemy Consulting.  Again, thanks in part to its services, since my episode in 2016, I graduated with a professional degree; became licensed in my field; obtained gainful employment at a high level; have maintained healthy and fulfilling relationships; got engaged to a beautiful, smart, kind, caring woman; am completely independent and self-sufficient; and enjoy all that life has to offer.
    While it may be readily apparent that Alchemy Consulting has the expertise to assist with addiction related issues, it should also be known that they are equipped to assist with mental health cases as well.  I know from speaking with my family that they are grateful for Alchemy Consulting's services and would recommend them to other families in need.  I am grateful as well, as they helped me get my life back on track and recover from my disability in the long term.

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