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care management

Alchemy Consulting offers Care Management services for individuals who are stabilized and ready to rebuild their lives.  Care management is the collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, and care coordination to meet the needs of the patient and family for the higher success of long-term health and healing.  Residential facilities are the stabilization phase for anyone beginning the journey of recovery.  In most cases, ongoing support, therapy, and resources are required to begin to reintegrate into a new life.

How Care Management Works

Alchemy Consulting’s Care Management may include:

  • Aftercare plan implementation, including coordination with all clinical providers
  • Life Balancing Assessment – This is a crucial component of our care management services designed to be a road map for a holistic view of recovery – physical, mental, emotional, physiological, spiritual.  Designed by Alchemy, the Life Balancing Assessment creates benchmarks and milestones to inspire and encourage individuals into long term, steady recovery.
  • Coordination of randomized drug testing and monitoring.
  • Relapse containment plan.
  • Individualized services to suit client needs (i.e., vocational coaching, budgeting, and money management).
  • Medication management oversight.
  • Regular assessments of and interventions for presenting problems.
  • Tracking attendance of treatment appointments such as therapy, psychiatry, medical appointment, and outpatient programs.
  • Tracking attendance of other recovery-related activities such as 12 Step meetings and community support groups.
  • Individualized treatment recommendations and referrals
  • Monthly progress reports.
  • Monthly video conferencing.
  • 24/7 access to an Alchemy Consulting Group specialist

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Recovery from any addiction or mental illness is a continuous process. Alchemy Consulting is here for you every step of the way. From interventions to care management and recovery companions, we offer everything you and your family needs in order to heal.

How We Can Help

Alchemy Consulting’s Care Management services are as individualized as our Intervention Services.  We offer three levels of Care Management, customized to the needs of the family and patient. 

  1. Care Management
  2. Concierge Care Management
  3. Monitoring

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest.  Our Care Management services guide and support you to living the life of your dreams.  For more information please call 888.815.8836.

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