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Alchemy Consulting offers Recovery Companions for substance use disorder and/or mental health clients for a variety of needs.  Recovery Companions are available for transportation, events, returning home after completing treatment, or extra support in daily activities. Residential programs are highly structured environments, and some individuals need additional support incorporating these tools in their lives.

How Sober Companionship Works

Intervention to Treatment

Alchemy staff is available to escort your loved one following the intervention to the treatment facility, door to door.  This service gives family members peace of mind knowing their loved ones are guided to the door of the treatment facility.  Companions navigate airports, rental cars, and other miscellaneous pieces involved in travel. 

Between Treatment Programs

In some cases, the treatment team recommends a “step-down” level of care after primary treatment.  Alchemy Recovery Companions are available to transport your loved one in this scenario, ensuring their safety.

Treatment to Home

Arriving home after treatment can be an adjustment, Alchemy Recovery Companions can escort your loved one home and stay as long as needed to get your loved one acclimated to their new life of recovery; includes finding local support meetings and attending appointments set up with aftercare specialists.

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Not only do we offer intervention services; we also provide care management services & recovery companions to ensure your loved one gets the best care possible after residential treatment. These additional services maintain congruency of aftercare and support to help get your loved one a foundation for a life long recovery.

Companion Services

Alchemy Companions have attended family functions, vacations, work events, etc.  An individual may be doing great in the day to day function of their new life but could use support in more “high risk” situations.  This service may also ease the mind of the family or work colleagues. 

Daily Companions

Some patients only need companionship during certain parts of their day.  Examples include; companionship after work, after intensive outpatient programming, or weekends only.

Research shows getting to the year mark of recovery increases your chances of long term recovery significantly.  Alchemy Consulting Care Management and Recovery Companion services meet the needs of an individuals commitment to a new life.

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