Taylor GiblerCare Manager & Enrollment Specialist

    Taylor brings a diverse skill set to the Alchemy team, hailing from a background in the non-profit sector, marketing/brand development, and in behavioral health intervention.

    Taylor’s professional pursuits were born out of a sincere desire to help marginalized groups and at-risk populations and began seeking out a context in which he could effectively do that.  So, in his early 20s, Taylor joined a Honolulu based non-profit, that used surfing as a way to bring a positive force into difficult situations.  He eventually assumed a director’s position for the largest food-distribution program in the state that fed over 4,000 families/week.  During this time Taylor also led teams of young adults through Southeast Asia, teaching the local-impoverished community how to surf, providing equipment and basic medical treatments.

    Years later, in response to his own recovery journey, Taylor began his career in the behavioral health field as an admissions counselor for a large treatment center in Southern California.  It was during this time that Taylor discovered that his passion for helping those that affected by Substance Use Disorder; both families and user alike.

    “I can’t think of anything more important to do with my personal resource than to guide someone and their family to that first step.  It is sacred to me.”

    Since his introduction to the behavioral health and substance abuse treatment field, Taylor has continued to grow and remain an active member of the recovery community.  He has consulted with a handful of startup programs and served as the Director of Marketing and Community Relations for two programs in California.

    Along with his roles in marketing and program development, for the last 4 years, Taylor has been apprenticing under Alchemy Consulting’s President, Danny Smith and has been formally trained and certified in multiple modalities of intervention; maintaining and growing in his ability to help guide people to a path to recovery.

    “My life feels charmed in a way; I know that I am lucky to be here, and I will stop at nothing to ensure I am being of maximum service to anyone or any family that needs help.”

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